When the cat’s away, the mice will play…

by left_blank on February 27, 2003

Woo-hoo! She’s gone now!

I’m feeling a bit evil. I’m sure I’ll be chastised. I’ll be demoted from d to dorkboy. But someone gives you the keys to their house and a fridge full of beer… I’ll be damned if I don’t throw a party…

First, everyone grab a beer. Ok, thanks to my 3l33T h4x0r photoshop skillz domokun has one, so does george, and pizzaman, and homer… even AFJ! Rock on.

Next, we need some girlz. mr. mikey has a very fine selection of lizadies for our party. Then again, those chicas don’t even hold a candle to the fine selection of ladies I’ve seen in wet t-shirts around here. We totally should have had a boobies to arizona party. What were we thinking?

Ok, tunes! We need tunes! Where’d I put my bon jovi. I think miss yvonne should be our dj. She’s hot, she says “ayite”, and snoop dog watches over her blog with that scary “Don’t fuck with me or I’ll kill you white boy” grin on his face.

Bartender… looking… looking… oh yes… found her. The blog where every other post is about liquor. One grey goose martini, extra dirty, coming right up…

If I’m passed out in the back and miss robyn shows up and gets all mad because I was spray painting all the pictures, tell her I put the real ones in the garage and I promise to put everything back the way it was … after I get over my hangover tomorrow.

Don’t worry! Everyone’s invited… except him.

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