Aww Poor Karyn

by statia on August 2, 2002

Ok, I have a beef with Karyn. She’s managed to rack up a shit load of debt, and is being quite honest she racked it up on lattes and Prada shoes. She’s changed her ways and now is ok with buying at Old Navy and buying Oil of Olay. She breaks out how she’s come out ahead every week in her “Daily Buck” column. Little tips like going to the book store to read magazines, stating, “The more I read, the more money I saved.” She’s all syrupy sweet in asking you for a dollar or two to help her get out of debt. She’s the girl at the office that “makes you smile” She’s the “nice” girl. What’s in it for you? Nothing but karma.

Let me tell you something Karyn. I’m in my late 20′s. I, like you, did stupid things with credit cards. I racked up 30-40k in credit card debt. I made my bed, and I now I’m lying in it. Some of your tips for saving money are valid, and good, but it’s still your own damn fault for going in and buying the gucci sunglasses and lattes. It’s your own damn fault much like it is for at least half of the gen xers who’ve done the same thing as you. Deal with it yourself. You’ll be half a better person than you will if you stop acting like some damn charity case and asking people for money. Because you’ll have done it yourself.

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ericalynn August 2, 2002 at 10:19 pm

i cannot believe she had the balls to make this site for herself. well, i guess we have to give her credit for balls, no? : )

theresa August 2, 2002 at 11:38 pm

i have to agree with you statia. im in my twenties and i have a decent amount of credit card debt. but i’m not out on the internet begging strangers to give me money so i can enjoy my new prada shoes. instead, im out working every minute and every opportunity i can. i got myself into debt, and it’s my responsibility to get myself out. and i’m sorry, i have a hard time manifesting pity for someone that shops at Old Navy when i have to shop at walmart and target.

Camille August 3, 2002 at 12:08 am

Go Statia! I have to agree. I too have had my share of debt. Most of mine was accumulated in college and some right after graduation. As I realized I was getting in over my head, I stopped and took inventory of my life. I realized this was not how I wanted to spend my life. So the credit cards were put away and nothing was purchased if I didn’t have the cash. In less than a year, I will be proud to say that my debt has been paid off, solely from my hard work, dedication and self discipline. I noticed Karyn only had a few items on her ebay auction, of which about 4 were $2 magazines. uhh…a little hint Karyn…go thru your shit and pull out all those shopping sprees in your closet and sell that. Sell the goods that got you in debt in the first place. From the looks of things, you’re just selling shit…Darrins Dance Grooves and Bazaar magazine? Come on!

ericalynn August 3, 2002 at 1:26 pm

haha Darrin’s Dance Grooves! my friend owns that and loves it so much that she’d never sell it.

: )

statia August 3, 2002 at 1:27 pm

Haha, Ericalynn. My roomate used to dance for the sixers, I bet she has it too :o )

Sphinx August 4, 2002 at 8:46 pm

Here Here!! That girl can kiss my arse….what kills me is that people are actually giving her money. Sheesh.

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